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Wedding DJ in Kansas City gets all ages up and dancingOur DJs are the best in the city! All of our DJs have had extensive training on our state of the art equipment and are ready to serve you to the fullest. Each DJ is required to agree to and sign our Kansas City Wedding DJ Code of Conduct that sets the tone of professionalism for our entertainers. Your guests will tell their friends how much fun they had at your wedding, not how annoying or rude the DJ was!

Our DJs will tailor the event experience to your liking and select only music that is appropriate for your crowd, based on any guidelines you give us. Our DJs do not drink while performing, and will dress and act professionally.

Depending on the date and availability, you will get one of the following DJs to perform at your event! Each DJ is experienced, and all will have the same great equipment and monster music collection. DJs are booked when you book, so as soon as you finish the booking process you will know who will be at your event. Additionally, we can tell you ahead of time who is most likely going to be your DJ. You can also rest easy in knowing that if a DJ becomes ill or is unavailable to attend for any reason, we will have one of our other DJs take his place. We will work with you through the entire process to make sure that you have the contact information for the DJ that will be at your event. Don't hire a DJ company who can't tell you who will be performing! Click contact above to submit a booking request or call us today so we can help you determine which DJ would be PERFECT for your event!

DJ Andy J Holt Kansas City Wedding DJ Reception DJ Andy Holt has been a professional wedding DJ since 1999. He started DJing under the name DJ Andy J with a friend who he met through church who showed him the ropes and taught him all about what it meant to provide a quality event for clients. In 2002, Andy decided to start his own DJ business and so began searching for the perfect equipment to make the ultimate DJ rig. Andy has always been a computer nerd, and with the help of his father, Mr. Holt, built the perfect DJ setup for any event! They began booking gigs right away and went all over Kansas City DJing for weddings, corporate parties, everything. Then Andy graduated high school from Lee's Summit North and went to Mizzou in Columbia to become an engineer, and of course DJ at as many fraternity and sorority parties as possible. What a blast!

Andy and his family run the business as a way to have fun, keep busy, and add so much value to others' weddings. Hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

  • Great Music!

    We get new music every month and have a vast collection of all genres of music. Our clients can make special requests ahead of the event, but all guests will be able to make requests on the fly during the party!
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