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The following links take you to some of our downloadable resources that may be useful when booking events with us. Check out the Booking Process link to the left for details about how to book events with us.

Kansas City Wedding DJ Event Planner

This is the Kansas City Wedding DJ general event planner and contract worksheet. After you have confirmed that the date is available, you must fill out the two pages of this document and mail it along with a deposit (as noted on the contract) to us. Then the date will be officially booked.

Kansas City Wedding DJ Wedding Information Worksheet

This is the Wedding Information worksheet. This worksheet will help the bride and groom to get the details for their wedding reception down. Please fill this out and send this to us by mail or email, or using the date check form to submit it to us at least 3 weeks in advance of your event. This will give us plenty of time to look up the song requests you make and we can purchase any that we don't already have.

Music List

This is a snapshot of our music collection. Keep in mind that this snapshot is of our collection at a certain time and not our current collection. We are always expanding our music selection and only update this list once in awhile.

  • Great Music!

    We get new music every month and have a vast collection of all genres of music. Our clients can make special requests ahead of the event, but all guests will be able to make requests on the fly during the party!
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